Past Miss Del Rios
The first Miss Del Rio Mary Ann Graham (Wright) was crowned 69 years ago. Since then names added to the roll of local young women include:

2017-18 Elaine Oyama (Teen)
2017-18 Samantha Brooke Sandoval
2016-17 Samantha Keaton (Teen)
2016-17 Sheanne Geis
2015-16 Alisah Cervantes (Teen)
2015-16 Cristina Ziegler
2014-15 Karla June Howard (Teen)
2014-15 Courtney Jones
2013-14 Brianna Morales (Teen)
2013-14 Melinda Maris
2012-13 Morgan Leigh Stidham
2011-12 Kimberly Ferguson
2010-11 Kalli Kusenberger
2009-10 Danielle Hanson
2008-09 Kirstie Marie Brown
2007-08 Katie Lewis
2006-07 Stephanie Ruiz
2005-06 Nadia Mota
2004-05 Karah Lynn Cadena
2003-04 Nelly Rocha
2002-03 Sara Hernandez
2001-02 Katherine Anne Sutherland
2000-01 Claudia L. Amezcua
1999-00 Irene Martinez
1998-99 Annaliz Bosquez
1997-98 Lynda Adriance
1996-97 Paige Blend
1995-96 Rosa Lee Treviño
1994-95 Christen Bennet
1993-94 Jaclyn Hope Galindo
1992-93 Jackie Salinas
1991-92 Jennifer Jenkins
1990-91 Melissa Garcia
1989-90 Heidi Hyder
1988-89 Cindy Bleymaier
1987-88 Kristi Wright
1986-87 Angela Masloff
1985-86 Regina Ricks
1984-85 Susan Valdez
1983-84 Stephanie Edmindson
1982-83 Tina Ricks
1981-82 Toni Medina
1980-81 Sonya Jones
1979-80 Marcy Steffey
1978-79 Jacque Isenhour
1977-78 Jana London
1976-77 Michelle Mida
1975-76 Marina de Clue
1974-75 Tommi Reddick
1973-74 Kay Girard
1972-73 Beth Ward

Kaylee Nicole Yi
(Miss Del Rio Teen 2018-2019)

Kaylee Nicole Yi is the 16-year-old daughter of Chang and Cecilia Yi. She is a junior at Del Rio High School and is an active member of Student Council, National Technical Honor Society, National Honor Society and Health Science Club. Kaylee is always willing to lend a helping hand through community service. She has donated countless hours of her time to charities like The American Cancer Society, Briana’s Blessings, and the World Vision organization, which are only a few. After graduating High School, she will attend Baylor University and pursuing a degree majoring in Biology with a minor in Theology. Kaylee will then attend medical school with the aspiration of becoming a Pediatric Doctor. Kaylee would like to thank her friends and family for their endless love and support, most importantly she would like to thank God for the strength and courage, without him none of this would be possible. 

Nadia Martinez
(Miss Del Rio 2018-2019)

Nadia Martinez is the 18-year-old daughter of Rene and Cynthia Martinez. Nadia is currently a senior at Early College High School.  Her future plans are to attend Angelo State University next fall to receive a bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. When she is not cheering on the Rams or Queens as a Ram Cheerleader, she is playing her violin with the High School Group Mariachi Del Amanecer. Nadia enjoys volunteering with her local church or spending time with her family and friends especially her favorite past time, tubing down the famous San Felipe creek.   Nadia would like to give thanks to God for her family and friends who continue to support her through 

 InternationalGood Neighbor Council